Monthly Archives: August 2013

Crude Oil Prices at a 6 month highs

Further worries today about a military strike on Syria have pushed up Crude oil prices to 6 month highs. This will and has increased the price of Home Heating Oil long before any expected rise due to cold weather. In addition to higher Crude Oil prices, today has seen an increase in both BP and… Read more »

Oil Spike in UK is getting nearer

Chris Skrebowiski editor of Petroleum Times is reported this morning of warning that if we are only one incident away from a serious oil spike. He is referring to the current problems in Syria and the possibility of US and UK war planes and ships attacking Syrian facilities. If this were to happen the price… Read more »

Crude Oil Stocks Low in USA

I see reports in today’s press that the Crude oil Stocks in the USA are low. The report also touches on the problems in the Middle East and the increase in US manufacturing. All of these issues are likely to put upward pressure on Fuel prices. If the USA runs low on Fuel it immediately… Read more »