We are home heating oil specialist

Top Up Fuels aim to completely remove all of the hassle and worry associated with the monitoring and purchasing of Home Heating Oil and Gas Oil in the UK market. Top Up Fuels promise to keep customers tanks topped up throughout the year without the need to ever have to check their heating oil levels again, as well as giving no less than our best price on each delivery.

Not a Traditional Home Heating Oil Company

Traditional Home Heating Oil companies have used the same methods to sell Kerosene and Red Diesel (Gas Oil) to UK customers for over 50 years. The only real difference coming through the use of advancing technology to get the best price out of each customer, increasing their profits on each delivery.

These Traditional Home Heating Oil companies will play around with the UK oil prices, putting prices up in the winter spikes and taking advantage of the supply and demand situation, whilst only making a modest profit in the summer. This concept has always meant that traditionally Home Heating Oil companies have made their money when the customers demand is very high and the supply is difficult due to poor weather as well as vast delivery numbers.

Top Up Fuels challenge this way of thinking and believe excellent customer service should always come first before profit. The Top Up Fuels concept was so successful that upon being launched it was a finalist in the ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ award, only to beaten by the creators of Innocent Drinks.