What are the best ways to conserve heat & lower energy bills?

As winter is fast approaching household owners are undoubtedly stocking up on supplies of home heating oil like kerosene and gas oil for the coldest season of the year.

However Top Up and many other distributors of home heating oil experience large numbers of domestic customers who completely run out of oil each year. Be it through having their tanks siphoned, not using their Kerosene as efficiently as they thought they were using it, or through leaks in their tanks.

In this circumstance the obvious choice is to order some low-cost oil from Top Up Fuels with our emergency delivery service, but until then consider some of the following pointers to conserve some of the heat in your home while your oil supply is still available:

Insulate & Draft Exclude – Your walls, loft or attic with heat retaining materials such as fibreglass, cellulose, foam, or even natural materials like jeans or recycled paper. Line all of your the doors and windows that are never used with strips of material such as foam sealant, silicone caulking or weather stripping. Don’t forget any pet doors! The difference to your heating bills can be dramatic.

Utilise all of your home heat – These can be lots of small tips that can all add up to make a huge difference, but involved using your existing household appliances differently.

  • Re-use your oven heat – open the door afterwards to heat the kitchen room up
  • Regularly maintain your home heating system – poor efficiency increases heating costs
  • Use a wooden-burn fireplace instead of gas as works out much more cost efficient
  • Keep your thermostat low – lowering by as little as 1 degree per day can help save up to 10%
  • Program your thermostat to come on and off at different times and at certain temperatures
  • Consider a space heater – if you only wanted to heat up one room, using this method is cheaper than running the entire central heating system
  • Use extra blankets – insulate yourself!

For further advice on reducing energy bills and lowering the prices you pay for your home heating oil, call 0203 0111 232 today for a chat with one of our friendly Top Up staff, or fill in a quick quote form online.