Interesting facts about kerosene

The Top Up Fuels team have gathered together all of their interesting facts on kerosene, please read below to be amazed: Kerosene was initially manufactured from coal tar and shale oils. ‘Kerosene’ was registered as a trademark by Abraham Gesner in 1854. kerosene was the majo...

3rd February 2016 / yomp / comments
UK Oil Price Updates, Uncategorised

Do We Think Heating Oil Prices Will Continue to Tumble

The short answer to the above question is NO. This is bad news for Home Heating Oil customers who may not be ordering a Top Up of their Heating Oil tank thinking prices have further to fall. When World oil prices move this changes the price of Gas Oil and Kerosene. These two Home...

12th January 2016 / yomp / comments
Energy Saving Tips, Home Heating Oil Tips

What are the best ways to conserve heat & lower energy bills?

As winter is fast approaching household owners are undoubtedly stocking up on supplies of home heating oil like kerosene and gas oil for the coldest season of the year. However Top Up and many other distributors of home heating oil experience large numbers of domestic customers w...

20th October 2015 / TopupFuels / comments
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Top up Fuels Landscaping Northampton Experience

One of Top up Fuels most recent customers was Landscape Gardener Northampton, they rung in desperate need for some red diesel for their digger. We of course got on the job straight away and were happy to help with their requirements, when visiting the site they were working on we...

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Top up Fuels Meets Builders Sunningdale, Ascot and Builders Hounslow

We recently decided Top up Fuels offices was in need of a makeover. They were just a little dated and we wanted to try something new. We heard about Jeff’s Toolbox and how builders Ascot, Sunningdale and builders Hounslow provide extremely reputable work from a fellow businessm...

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