What can I do to keep my oil tank secure?

This is a huge question for Top Up Fuels when delivering product like Gas Oil or Kerosene in large quantities to any customer’s tank. The amount of Home Heating Oil theft is dramatically on the increase – with most rural tanks kept within gardens out of site of the home and more often than not with little security measures in place to prevent theft.

But this isn’t the only kind of security that tank owners have to worry about now – as most heating or power systems are getting older by the day; precautions must be taken to ensure that those tanks are kept completely secure to allow no excess fuel to leak.

Obviously a fuel leak as well as being very expensive for the owner can reap disastrous consequences for local ecosystems and wildlife (as well as financially), as a hospital based down in Devon found out very recently. Unfortunately a leak was found to be flowing (allegedly for over 24 hours before being spotted) into a river nearby and is threatening thousands of species of animal’s dependant on the river for a water source.

The good news is that the Hospital has worked tirelessly alongside the EA (Environment Agency) to help control the contamination and had the scene contained within 24 hours of discovery.

Top Up Fuels appeal to every tank owner uses some sort of security on their tanks, if nothing else then to protect yourselves from running out, being siphoned or leaking.

To find out how Top Up Fuels could make your tank fully secure from the threats above, call today for a friendly chat on 0203 0111 232 and speak to one of our friendly staff.