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Mystery problem affecting diesel across the UK

From reading an article in the Forecourt Trader this morning, Top Up Fuels wanted to share some of the information with its customers to forewarn them about what is seen to be happening with diesel across the UK. There is a mysterious problem that is causing a few vehicle issues throughout the UK,  these problems… Read more »

Should Home Heating Oil prices be regulated?

Top Up Investigates: In the energy market of today consumers are facing regular price jumps for their utilities such as Gas, Electricity, and Home Heating Oil. In an environment where supply is proving difficult to maintain with demand becoming higher each day, consumers are said to be ‘calling for change’ in the way in which… Read more »

Crude Oil Stocks Low in USA

I see reports in today’s press that the Crude oil Stocks in the USA are low. The report also touches on the problems in the Middle East and the increase in US manufacturing. All of these issues are likely to put upward pressure on Fuel prices. If the USA runs low on Fuel it immediately… Read more »