Here at Top Up Fuels our aim is to provide our customer with the best service and the most competitive prices of our fuels and oils like Home Heating Oil, Kerosene, Boiler Fuel and Gas Oil (Red Diesel) in the area of Dorking.

Combining Monthly Payment Plans and innovative Tank Monitoring Systems, we are able to remove the hassle and excessive expense maintaining and refuelling a tank. Top Up Fuels guarantees that every single customer who orders their fuel from us will never run out.

There is a consistent price promise throughout the year, which isn’t affected by how large the pressure is from low supplies or high levels of demand of home heating oil in Dorking. No matter how difficult the delivery situation is, the customers heating oil tanks will be looked after, aiming to remove all elements of stress and inconvenience of owning and managing a fuel tank especially throughout the winter months.

Home Heating Oil Tank Monitoring System in Dorking

With our ‘Top Up Scheme’, customers can feel safe knowing that their heating oil tanks will be looked after at all times. When we notice that the customers supply is running low, we will dispatch a driver based locally to Dorking to refill the customers’ tank with whatever fuel is needed and how much the customer would like.

We are able to do this by using our Tank Monitoring System, allowing us to know when the customer is running low on home heating oil and needs refuelling, informing them months in advance.

For more information about us please do feel free to browse our website to learn about or Emergency Deliveries, or ring the office today for a non-obligatory chat and to know about our payment plans.