Top Up Fuels are a supplier of oils and fuels locally based to the town of Swanley and its surrounding areas.

We take pride in distributing only the highest quality oils and fuels like Swanley Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Boiler Fuel and Kerosene to people within domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors.

As a Top Up Fuels customer you are fully entitled to the very best market prices on offer at anytime of the year, and Top Up Fuels make this possible through consistently keeping a fixed sales margin. To our customers this means that you will not be a victim of high rates charged through supply and demand factors. This means consistently lower costs throughout the year (even in the winter months) and helps to reduce your carbon footprint through lower consumption, and less deliveries.

Swanley Home Heating Oil Emergency Deliveries

So what would happen if you ran out of fuel completely? Top Up Fuel’s Emergency deliveries are now something to fall back on should you need them. Simply give us the word to stock up on Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Swanley Home Heating Oil or Kerosene in whatever quantities you need. From there we simply dispatch one of our local Swanley drivers to visit your tank as soon as we possibly can.

To see how Top Up Fuels can help remove the hassle of managing your fuel tank, simply call today to speak to a member of Top Up Fuels staff or fill out a quick quote today for access to our cheap Swanley Home Heating Oil prices.