Is the 8% rise in Gas & Electricity bills justified?

 Top Up Investigates

Most of you may have heard that very recently one of the big six energy companies SSE has decided to increase the cost of its utilities by an average of over 8%.

SSE is comprised of the three energy companies Southern Electric, Swalec and Scottish Hydro; who said that for a typical dual-fuel customer, wholesale energy prices had gone up 4%, paying to use delivery networks was 10% more expensive, and government levies were 13% higher.

It has been estimated that SSE’s price rises will affect about 4.4 million domestic electricity customers and 2.9 million domestic gas customers. For those who depend on Home Heating Oil the rise in costs fortunately will not be so substantial, but of course will still have an impact on those who operate on budgeted living costs.

Whilst greeted understandably with a considerable amount of upset and outrage from consumers and politicians alike, Top Up Fuels wanted to highlight that for Home Heating Oil users this may not necessarily be the end of the world.

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