Mystery problem affecting diesel across the UK

From reading an article in the Forecourt Trader this morning, Top Up Fuels wanted to share some of the information with its customers to forewarn them about what is seen to be happening with diesel across the UK.

There is a mysterious problem that is causing a few vehicle issues throughout the UK,  these problems are predominantly in the east parts of England and Wales, with particular problems within the North East.  These issues can arise from Diesel Purchased from any fuel retailer, the problem has not be specifically highlighted to be any type of vehicle, age or make.

Governing bodies are saying that they are working with the fuel and motor industries to help find out the cause of these problems that are being seen.  The problems being reported back are that the vehicles fuel filters are getting blocked by a formation of gel-like substance in the diesel.  This substance is blocking the fuel filter and starving the engine of fuel, resulting in the engine then not starting or losing power.

The symptoms of this problem are quite similar to “waxing” but the cause appears to actually be different.  “waxing” used to be an issue in very cold weather, however this was solved in the modern diesel produced for the UK as it is formulated with additives to prevent this happening.

The UK governing bodies are working hard to get a solution to this problem, it is something that has seemed to sprung out of nowhere.  The industry is working extremely hard to find a solution to this problem, the current specification for all fuel sold at the pump have been developed over many years and continue to evolve based on a combination of test programmes and field experience.

Top Up Fuels always looks to help its customers and therefore if you have a question or query about your fuel supply, do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to answer them all for you.