Prevent the winter catching you out.

As the weather begins to turn and the temperatures start to drop, Top Up Fuels are urging homeowners and businesses that use oil for heating, to get themselves prepared for the winter and not be caught out by the bad weather that was experienced by many last winter.

Tim Woods Director of Top Up Fuel comments:

“Now is the time when householders and businesses should starting to think about what their heating oil requirements are going to be for the winter. Filling up your tank now is a good idea, especially as the price of oil is lower at the moment as demand is not as high”.

The increased demand during the winter and especially in the run-up to Christmas, usually means delivery interruptions and delays.

Therefore we at Top Up Fuels are urging people to make sure they don’t get caught out by leaving it too late.

We understand that times are hard and people may want to wait before ordering heating oil, so to help tackle this we utilise automated tank monitoring systems combined with a regular monthly savings plan. This new system not only makes purchasing Home Heating Oil much simpler, it also ensures that prices are kept low throughout the whole of the year.

Find out exactly how our scheme works by Clicking Here.

As a final thought, when we had the bad weather last winter, many householders had to wait for heating oil supplies as tankers struggled to deliver in the snow.

To make matters trickier, homes and businesses that rely on oil deliveries tend to be the ones off the beaten track. Last year many rural areas were cut off by snow and in some cases like near to Top Up Fuels HQ in Surrey, customers were cut off by unexpected flooding.

The trend last year was to order only 500 litres in this pre-run up to Christmas period, which meant for the average four person home or small business, that they ran out of heating oil in the middle of the worst weather around February, just when the whole country wanted a top up and when tanker drivers just couldn’t get to them.

So this year why not call Top Up Fuels who are able to proactively schedule deliveries in advance so that tankers are ready to make your delivery when appropriate. In the busy periods this means that our customers avoid any excessive delivery charges, whilst maintaining a low rate as well as always topping up on time.

For more information please feel free to ring the office on 0203 0111 232 where a member of staff will be delighted to speak with you.