Problems in Syria affecting the UK oil prices

With Kerosene prices being at their lowest for some time now is a good time to top up with Home Heating Oil. Traditionally at this time of year prices go to their low point due to the lack of demand in the summer months. There is however a greater threat to Home Heating Oil prices before the cold weather sets in and that is the potential conflict in Syria.

Today both the US President and our own Foreign Secretary made comments indicating there may be US and UK air strikes on Syria. If this does happen then the demand for Jet Kerosene will increase dramatically. Jet Kerosene is the same product sold as Home Heating Oil and so supply and demand will force up the price earlier than expected this winter.

Now is a good time to top up your tank ahead of the cold weather and before the demand for Jet Kerosene is increased in the event of military action in the Middle East.

For a more detailed explanation of how Jet Kerosene effects the price of Home Heating Oil please go to the Top Up Fuels FAQ page.