Today Top Up Fuels are proud to be able to offer a range of high quality, low cost
fuels and oils to many valued users within the UK market.

Kerosene, also referred to as Home Heating Oil, 28 Sec Oil, Paraffin and Boiler Juice, is a common fuel to the UK that is used in a variety of applications, from heating your home, to providing lighting and also cooking using Aga’s.

Being one of the lighter fuels distilled from petroleum, Kerosene has a number of good burning characteristics, giving off very little soot alongside a high heat output.

These properties make it perfect to be used within home heating capacities, hence why this particular fuel is the most popular used throughout the UK to power central heating systems.

Kerosene is particularly useful as a home heating oil in areas not served by a gas pipeline network, which outlines the obvious need for a supplier of quality Kerosene that can be dependable. In situations where your home would be without heating otherwise, Top Up Fuels is a supplier to count on and will put you and your tank first every time.

Every customer on our unique ‘Top Up Scheme’ can always relax in the knowledge that their Home Heating Oil tank will never run out again. Through a combination of our Tank Monitoring Systems, Payment Saving Schemes and extremely competitive market prices all year round; Top Up Fuels can remove every aspect of stress and hassle relating to owning and managing a Home Heating Oil / Kerosene oil tank, used for commercial, agricultural or domestic uses alike.


Premium Kerosene is a high quality alternative fuel that we are delighted to be able to offer alongside our traditional Gas Oil and Kerosene products.

Premium Kerosene has a number of properties that increase its performance and help make it a tempting alternative option to your traditional Kerosene. A few positives include burning cleaner for longer, increasing the efficiency of your boiler as well as being more economically friendly.

An increased efficiency within your boiler system can be attributed to the fact that Premium Kerosene is treated with an additive that helps to break down any ‘sludge’, so more of the oil is burned evenly and slowly. As burners can become partially blocked with these lumps of ‘sludge’ heat conducting through is lost reducing the overall efficiency, and Premium Kerosene greatly reduces the frequency of this happening.

Using a cleaner Kerosene can also reduce the number of times your boiler system has to be serviced as no blockages occur reducing this efficiency, helping to save maintenance costs as well as giving off lower Carbon Emissions.

As your systems will be able to produce the same amount of heat with lower amounts of Premium Kerosene, this reduces your usage as well as your costs. As more of the fuel is successfully burnt without leaving ‘sludge’ this means that less deposits will be left on the heating surfaces, lowering the chance of spills through micro-contamination.


Gas Oil is a type of fuel that is used most often in commercial environments to power central heating systems, equipment, and large generators.

Formed by the fractional distillation of petroleum, Gas Oil is one of the heavier types of oil formed through this process and is also referred to as Red Diesel, 35 Sec Oil, and Tractor Diesel.

As a proud distributor of Gas Oil, Top Up Fuels happily comply with all regulations surrounding and involving this product, and will ensure that only the highest quality is delivered to you.

Gas Oil used as Home Heating Oil is mainly found in industrial heating systems as well as large domestics. It is however not uncommon to find some households using Gas Oil as Home Heating Oil. This would generally be in larger properties with large Heating Oil boilers and open spaces to heat, a popular example being a swimming pool and/or sauna complex. In general however Gas Oil is used in heating as Industrial Heating Oil in large scale boilers.

Red Diesel is almost identical in the sense that both are the same fuels but are used for different purposes. Gas Oil being used mainly in the commercial sector, where as Red Diesel is used mainly in Agriculture.


Red Diesel is a type of fuel that is used most often in agricultural environments to power tractors, heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s), equipment, and machinery.

As it is used for agricultural purposes the tax rate put on this fuel is substantially lower than your traditional ‘white diesel’, this being regular diesel from a petrol station.

To prevent Red Diesel being used outside of the applications from which the tax was lowered for, a red dye is infused with the fuel to be able to distinguish it from your traditional white diesel. Hence the label ‘Red Diesel’ – which was designed to stop people using it for purposes other than agricultural or other business requirements.

This red dye exists simply to distinguish the two; and if someone is caught using it on an alternative basis a number of serious implications like penalties, fines and even a criminal record can occur as a result.

Gas Oil is almost identical in the sense that both are the same fuels but are used for different purposes, Red Diesel being used Agriculturally, where as Gas Oil is used mainly in the commercial sector.