Should Home Heating Oil prices be regulated?

Top Up Investigates:

In the energy market of today consumers are facing regular price jumps for their utilities such as Gas, Electricity, and Home Heating Oil. In an environment where supply is proving difficult to maintain with demand becoming higher each day, consumers are said to be ‘calling for change’ in the way in which home heating oil and Gas Oil is sold through the UK and Ireland.

Gas and Electricity is distributed mainly through the ‘big six’ energy companies, and is delivered to homes each month at regulated costs on the basis that it can be used to then be paid for at a later date. The Home Heating Oil industry however leaves consumers exposed to large changes in market prices due to high levels of demand, extreme weather conditions and many other external factors like wars (asKerosene is also used as jet fuel), and poor delivery conditions.

This means that as a home heating oil user if you can’t pay the bills on time then you simply cannot order any oil, which means the heating stays off. This is met with a lot of controversy as many find it unacceptable that large numbers of people living in low income households (the elderly especially) are forced to decide between eating and staying warm each winter. This in turn tragically sees many of the elderly and unwell passing away as a result of the cold; increasing the risk of infections, flu and heart/respiratory related illnesses.

It is not all to be blamed on the suppliers directly as many smaller distributors simply can’t offer oil in advance. This is because offering credit terms to many domestic customers at once can severely limit their buying power and could inflict damage financially if payments aren’t made back on time.

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So how can you regulate the price of your home heating oil if there is no way to prevent market price jumps?

A simple and easy way would be through your distributor.

In many cases distributors all over the country will tamper and play with the prices in order to receive the maximum amount of profit out of their customers possible (See our E-Book for more information on exactly how this works and how to avoid being manipulated – click to follow link).

If you are on our Top Up Scheme you can be confident in the fact that your home heating oil prices will be regulated throughout the year by our fixed margin promise. This means that you will always have access to your home heating oil at our best possible market prices, as we keep margins consistent throughout the year with our loyal Top Up customers.

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