The Top Up Fuels Tank Monitoring System is a sensory device that is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Home Heating Oil tank. The sensor simultaneously reports back to our head office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the levels of Home Heating Oil that are remaining.

The system itself is a small battery driven device (of which last approximately 3-5 years) containing a sensor that reports back to Top Up Fuels head quarters. As part of the Tank Monitoring System Top Up Fuels will take responsibility for the full support of this equipment throughout your time with us. We will even pop round to replace any drained batteries or any damaged/ malfunctioning sensors.

The sensor is fitted to the top of your tank often using existing screw-in fittings which are easily installed and removed. We have a number of different methods to install the devices using adapters that are fitted to most tanks problem free. Using the readings transmitted from your sensor and the information we have in our system regarding the size of your tank, Top Up Fuels can plan ahead for a Home Heating Oil delivery in whatever quantities required.

The Tank Monitoring System is able to easily communicate with our office in a number of different ways. By quickly and easily setting up a small receiver in your house, signals can then be sent from the tank through to your device, and then over to Top Up Fuels. Signals can be sent via telephone lines, broadband, or if neither are available (due to poor internet strength etc) we also have a GPS system available.

The box will dial our office and send over quantified readings from your tank on a regular basis, more commonly now through your broadband sending a signal via the Internet.

This system is completely owned by Top UP Fuels and is leased to you for a small monthly fee; including the cost of all equipment, installation, technical support and the full monitoring and ordering service.

Our Tank Monitoring System Reduces Transport Costs

From looking at your tank readings and other customers living in your area, Top Up Fuels can place orders in our system that group deliveries together to be dispatched at the same time. By delivering together Top Up Fuels are able to offer a much more competitive price through a substantial reduction in operating costs, which in turn enables us to pass these savings on to you. In addition to these savings it means that there are less tankers making trips into your area and helps to reduce your Carbon Footprint and lower emissions in your local environment.