Top Up Fuels Brand New Installation of Warehouse LED Lighting

Top Up Fuels decided a while ago that we wanted to invest in some stronger and more cost efficient lighting for our depot warehouse’s.

We had heard from a fellow businessmen that he recently got some LED lighting work done for his business himself, and he informed us that he used Litenow’s warehouse LED lighting and car park LED lighting services for his company’s depots, and was exceptionally impressed with the results.

So we decided to get in contact with Litenow to talk more about their warehouse LED lighting service. We were told about how LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy than normal lighting uses and because of this it lasts much longer and costs much less.

So we went ahead and got the project started with Litenow and honestly we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would strongly recommend warehouse LED lighting and car park LED lighting installation for your business its benefits towards your company get better every year!