The UK is expecting severe weather to come.

It’s a dark and dingy day to be a resident in the UK as severe winds and heavy rain are expected to continue to hit most of the country as the weather takes a turn for the worse. This is surely going to impact the day to day lives of many home heating oil users planning to restock on home heating oil supplies as the winter months and extreme weather settle in to stay.

Tricky delivery conditions substantially increase risks for lorry drivers and can impact serious delays on the time it takes to deliver your home heating oil, especially if your oil is only on a regular delivery time frame, with lower costing fuel usually meaning a longer delivery wait.

Top Up Fuels wanted to spread a quick word of warning to any of those users who plan on leaving their ordering to the last minute. If your tank completely runs out over the Winter period, your family home could be without heating and hot water for days or even weeks, depending on how quickly suppliers can squeeze in your much needed delivery.

As a home heating oil user it is highly advisable to check your tanks regularly and schedule your top ups in advance to ensure that you don’t become a victim of tricky delivery conditions and extreme weather, often resulting in large emergency delivery bills as well as high rates for fuel.

If this is you, why don’t you investigate the Top Up Fuels Scheme.  This scheme will allow you to always have Home Heating Oil or Kerosene in your tank and will ensure that you never run out so that you can always keep your home warm.  How do I investigate more we hear you say; click here to download our e-book which will explain about the traditional Home Heating Oil market and how the Top Up Scheme works to help you.

Alternatively if you are reading this and it is a bit late and you need a quick and reliable delivery of home heating oil then feel free to give Top Up Fuels a call today on 0203 0111 232 to speak to one of our friendly staff who would be delighted to help.  You can read all about our Emergency Oil Delivery service by clicking on this link.