UK Extreme Weather Warnings issued

Power Blackouts Possible

For those who are busy making plans over the coming winter period, Top Up Fuels are reaching out to spread news of the recent extreme weather predictions to ensure that you can keep your family and friends warm in your house this winter with your home heating oil.

The winter ahead is expected to be one of the most severe Britain has experienced in many years.  Experts are warning that the winter period is upon us and this year the cold sleet and snow is predicted to come in thick and fast with well above-average snowfall.  The predictions are saying that January is going to be the worst month with a widespread of heavy snow and below-average temperatures throughout the UK.

For all of the home heating oil users in the UK there it is a distinct advantage of having a tank at home that can be topped up on demand, normally before all of the harsher weather kicks in. This is something that Top Up Fuels will only encourage heating oil users to do as we find that many households run out of Kerosene (better known as home heating oil) every year. This experience comes hand in hand with high levels of stress often with high delivery charges being quoted when phoning around for emergency deliveries.

This risk of extreme winter weather has also triggered warnings from several larger players in the energy industry; warning that the requirements for electricity over the winter period may exceed the supply, possibly leaving large scale blackouts, to be a potential risk.

Sources have stated that this pressure in supplying electricity may be a side effect of recent actions taken by the UK to comply with the EU Carbon Emissions reform program, of which is closing down several oil, coal and nuclear energy facilities over the next decade.

Stop this from happening by ordering before the harsh weather kicks in, call Top Up Fuels today to get your fuel delivery before the temperature plummets and delivery conditions get dangerous, causing problems with trucks on the road and delivery back logs.

Call Top Up Fuels today on 0203 0111 232 for a friendly chat on how you can protect your heating oil supplies this winter and never come close to running out of Home Heating Oil again.