When is the best time to buy oil?

So when is the best time to buy your Home Heating Oil?

Surely it’s when the average oil prices are at their lowest? Top Up Fuels know that the best time to purchase your Kerosene or Gas Oil is in the few months before the start of the Winter Season, unsurprisingly.

Costs have been found to be much cheaper during late summer/early winter in comparison with the depths of winter as distributors are taking much fewer orders, and for much lower quantities. This means they can give better prices and faster delivery periods to those who need oil; before it gets increasingly colder and demand rises. As the supplies eventually thin out, cost and delivery time (and safety of road conditions) all effect your end price.

So how can you stop this from happening?

Top Up Fuels can prevent all of the above from happening to the end price of your oil this winter. Not through weather control, or 4×4 delivery Lorries; but by careful planning and prioritisation.

Every single Top Up customer who is on our ‘Top Up Service’ can relax in the knowledge that they will never run out of oil through the winter again, and they will never have to lift a finger. By monitoring your tanks 24/7/365 – Top Up Fuels can proactively schedule your tanks deliveries weeks in advance of running out – ensuring your tank is always full.

As well as this ‘Top Up Service’ customers are also given access to our best prices – every single time they order. So you are guaranteed to always receive the cheapest oil before everyone else, in whatever quantities you need throughout all weather conditions, or time of year. Top Up Fuels prices stay very competitive as we only work upon set margins above the UK oil price all year round, this means that no matter what time of the year, our customers are receiving a fair price for their oil.


For more information on joining as a Top Up customer feel free to fill in a quick quote or give the office a call on 0203 0111 232 to discover how the scheme above will save you money each year on your oil, as well as the hassle of refilling it with the cheapest providers.