Winter Heating Oil Survival

Top Up Fuels Tips

The winter cold periods are fast approaching and Home Heating Oil users need to be careful that they do not get left exposed to the conditions. For anyone who doesn’t prepare thoroughly, this winter may not pass as smoothly as for those out there who take extra precautions in tackling the severe predicted weather head on.

This is something that Top Up Fuels consider extremely important when settling inside to brave the cold weather, as every year many thousands of homeowners completely run out of home heating oil. This often results in no hot water, no central heating or certainty that a tanker driver can rescue you should you need an emergency delivery.

If you are thinking about leaving things a little late this year, see a few risks below to consider:

  • Extreme weather warnings have been issued – temperatures will plummet and stay down
  • The cost of Home Heating Oil rises as does demand – which is increased during the winter
  • The conditions will make deliveries more dangerous and increase risk – increased delivery costs
  • It can be dangerous to check your tank depending on how extreme conditions are
  • What would you do if you ran out completely?

It’s important to get your boiler systems checked at least once a year as efficiency will naturally be lost over time through the long term heating of your home, which can increase heating costs and carbon emissions.

On a more serious note the health of a domestic boiler can be crucial to the welfare of the individuals living inside the property. If you have any concern for your boiler don’t hesitate to book an engineer to assess your boilers efficiency and to make sure that your Boiler is in a fit condition to heat your home. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal when leaked through a faulty boiler as its danger comes through its inability to be detected by the human senses.

For more advice on any of the raised issues please feel free to ring Top Up Fuels on 0203 0111 232 for a friendly chat with one of our staff.

So to recap:

  • Order your Home Heating Oil today with Top Up Fuels before prices increase and the temperature plummets.
  • Check your boiler’s efficiency and working condition.
  • Investigate the Top Up Scheme that ensures you will never run out and save you money.